Why Journal?

Hello friends! I have about 30 minutes before Downton Abbey starts, and I figured this would be a good way to use it. (On another note, any Downton fans out there?! Anybody else as OBSESSED with it as I am?! Gosh, I love that show too much.) I started seriously journaling back in 2012. See … More Why Journal?

Cliche Christmas

I absolutely love Christmas. The decor, food, family, friends, weather, colors- you name it, I love it. (Except the Grinch. I hate the Grinch. Am I really the only one that finds him scary?!) Every year I make all of these plans for Christmastime, I write out my lists (!!!) of gifts to give, I decorate the … More Cliche Christmas

McSwimville 2015

•I snapped this photo as daddy and I were heading into a Thai place. Pad Thai=life. • •A man brought his service puppy to the meet! I almost couldn’t contain myself when I every time he walked by. He pretty much looked like this the entire meet! Aww!• •I’ve been trying really hard to eat … More McSwimville 2015