A New Project // A Vlog

I’m always looking for new ways to be creative, and this space here is a space I can harness some of my creativity. During my time at Futures in Palo Alto back in August, I did something a little different: a Vlog!

I had to explain this to Angie and Mom, so don’t feel too bad if you’re like them and have no idea what a Vlog is… A Vlog is simply a video-blog post. They’re all over YouTube right now, ranging from people who do it day to day or just on trips or once a week or whatever. Personally, I like the space I have to write more than I enjoyed making this video. I feel like there is a decreasing amount of people who blog or who journal, and people don’t enjoy reading as much as watching videos. I don’t want to lose my love for writing or for reading.

BUT that being said, this was such a fun project that I am so proud of! It in no way is a professional video in any way (obviously…), complete with cheesy generic music, poor editing, and my shaky iPhone camera, but the four of us had such a fun time making it while we were at the meet. We laughed so hard at the end result! I will definitely do more of these occasionally. Watch in on my new YouTube channel!

Below are a few pictures…

Yes, we got donuts. Yes, I know that was a poor decision. No, I do not care.
So we went and visited the painted ladies and thought that this was the house from Full House…. Nope! We got a parking ticket for visiting here, so now we just say that this is indeed the house from Full House.


Sorry this is a Snapchat screenshot, but the medals were soooo pretty I had to share!
So in the video you will see I got a few clips of our speedboat tour. Angie treated us to tickets months before and this was probably the highlight of my trip! We went under what we thought was the Golden Gate Bridge (nope… what tourists), listened to “rock-n-roll music”, laughed our butts off, and got soaking wet. My poor mom was the worst by far!


Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. So cool and so good.
This is Pho, pronounced “fuh” not “foe.” We made one too many jokes about it over the course of the week.
Only posting this photo for the burn I have. You can’t see the massive sports bra tan line I got during our trip into San Fran due to my v-neck shirt. I sure looked cute.
THIS POOL. What a beaut.

Thank you for reading and for watching and for caring about my creativity. I’m so thankful for all of my family and friends who support me in all my crazy ideas.


PS: I’m sorry for my absence on here lately, I’ve been getting some creative juices back. I have some new ideas and a few more Dementia Diary entries to post. Things in my life are changing and I can’t wait to share with you. If you want to keep up, go to my home page and follow me by entering your email, and if you have any prayer requests please email me. Have a blessed week family!


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