My Month without Makeup

February 1st came and I was SO READY FOR MAKEUP.

I then woke up February 1st very sick and stayed home from school. But that situation is a whole different story.

Okay, anyways…

The month of January went by veeerrryyyy ssslllooowww. I already struggle with it being my longest month, so I should have thought of that before I was like “Oh, no makeup in January should be easy!!” I was really starting to miss putting on my makeup and making it look just perfect. Like I said, I really love the art of makeup. I went on a couple dates during January (more than I usually go on actually) and I felt a little weird that I had my hair all pretty and cute clothes on and my date looked oh so good and I didn’t have makeup on… I’m also one of those people that get super intimidated by very pretty people. For example, I HATED going through Dutch Bros because the girls that worked were so gosh darn pretty and I felt kinda gross without any makeup on (no offense intended to any Dutch Bros people, I know you can’t help you’re all beautiful πŸ˜‰ ). Or seeing girls in the mall or at school or wherever that looked drop dead gorgeous and I was all blotchy made me feel kinda weird.

However, my life became so much easier without it. First of all, I didn’t have to worry about accidentally rubbing my eye or face in a way that would mess up my makeup. My skin was allowed some time to breathe. I didn’t have to try to put on eyeliner in the car after practice and mess up. My mornings became so much shorter. I really did enjoy going without makeup.

I wish that I could write about how much I learned from this, how it changed my life, how I’m never wearing makeup ever again, etc. But honestly, I can’t do that. I didn’t spend more time praying, I still prefer how I look with makeup, I don’t want to give makeup up. At all.

What I Did Learn:

  • My makeup does not make my worth. People don’t stare at you when you don’t wear makeup. And actually, there’s a lot of women who don’t wear it at all. It really is a person preference.
  • Makeup is time consuming.
  • Sleep is very, very good.
  • Spending time with God is a choice I have to make, like a choice to wear makeup. I’m not sinning by spending time on my makeup. I have toΒ choose to read my Bible, pray, and spend time with God. And that’s something that I struggle with.
  • I actually have very pretty soft eyes. Less eyeliner for me! πŸ™‚
  • Going a month without anything on my face has made me a lot less self conscious when I do decide to not wear anything. It’s actually really nice to be able to do that!

So was this project a success? I don’t know. Would I do it again? Yes. Would I recommend it? Absolutely.

And, like I said I would, here are some of the wonderful people in my life who also went January without makeup:IMG_4159

This is Savannah, my beautiful friend! This girl is so darn sweet. We went to school together a while, and she is a joy.


This is Hannah! This girl is one of my very first friends I’ve ever had. We’ve known each other since birth, and she is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met- inside and out.Β IMG_4148

This is Jamie Mae! This girl is incredible: She’s an Olympic Trial Swimmer and one of the most talented swimmers I have ever seen. She has a heart of gold, she makes me laugh so hard, and wow can this girl SING! πŸ˜‰ She’s a dandy.IMG_4154

This is Lauren Dianne, my sister and one of my bestest friends. I could write so much about her. This gal is one of the most incredible people I have ever met- she is so kind and loving and Jesus’ love shines through her. AND LOOK AT THOSE FRECKLES!!!IMG_4149

This one is especially close to my heart: My mother. She went a month without makeup AND got braces in the same month. She felt weird about both, and stayed strong and went the whole month without it while eating applesauce and soup. She is my hero and inspires me every single day. I love her more than words can describe.

Thank you to all of the women who did this with me, whether you shared it or not. I love you guys, and you are all so beautiful.

I have a bunch of new projects on here I want to work on that I’m VERY excited to share. Districts and State are these next two weekends, LETS GO SWEET HOME! I love you, friends and family. God bless.



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