McSwimville 2015

image•I snapped this photo as daddy and I were heading into a Thai place. Pad Thai=life. •

image•A man brought his service puppy to the meet! I almost couldn’t contain myself when I every time he walked by. He pretty much looked like this the entire meet! Aww!•

image•I’ve been trying really hard to eat healthier, and we found a little organic store just down the street from the pool. It was Harvest Fresh Grocery Deli, and I could’ve spent so much money in that place. This pic is roasted veggie soup and tortolini salad. YUM! If anybody has an awesome roasted veggie soup please share!•

This weekend was McSWIMville (oh so clever of a name) in McMinville. We go to this meet every year and it really is one of my favorites. A long time ago my best friend Lauren told me how much she loved it and one day she was going to move there, and I thought she was weird because I didn’t see anything all that exciting there, haha. These last few years we’ve actually driven through it and now I love it! It’s such a cute little town and I feel like I fit in perfectly with the vibes (or whatever you wish to call it). The town is made up of a bunch of little coffee shops, clothing stores, restaurants, other adorable little shops, and my favorite part are the lights. OH MY GOODNESS in the fall and winter they hang lights on the trees and from tree to tree and it makes my heart happy! So beautiful. I tried to get a picture but I couldn’t capture it well enough. It’s a place I can definitely see myself spending some time in after high school or college. If you haven’t been there yet you should most definitely go through and get a coffee somewhere and visit. And my high school friends, Linfield is there, which is a gorgeous campus! You should check it out! 🙂

Thank you to everyone for your supportive comments about starting my blog! I’m so excited for the future and to share with you all of the crazy thoughts and dreams I have. This isn’t a post I’ll do often, but I had such a fun time I wanted to share with you all. I hope you all have a lovely week!



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