Guess what crazy thing I did?!


Hi there! If you are reading this you are most likely a Facebook friend, Twitter friend, my mom, or have some kind of way of finding me without me knowing. So, welcome! I did something crazy (well, crazy for me): I started a blog!

My life is a crazy whirlwind of chlorine, homework, friends, family, etc., and I have zero time to actually start a blog, but I’ve wanted to start one for a while. I love the idea of being able to inspire others through some of the little things in life I like to do. I take so much away from the blogs I follow and the blogs I find via Pinterest, so maybe I can do the same one day.

What you’ll find here: 

  1. Recipes: I come from a big family on both sides who loooooooooove to cook and eat. And some of our recipes are dang good!
  2. DIY: I am the farthest thing on the face of the planet from an artist. I like to draw and paint and sketch, but my real-life pieces don’t look realistic. I would say instead of an artist, I’m artsy. So, I started Pinterest back when I was 12-ish, and found DIYs! I have a blast doing them.
  3. Confessions: This is where I’ll post all about my weirdo things I’ve done, all of my deepest darkest secrets, my “ah-ha!” moments, and anything you can think of that has to do with my life. (Fair warning: if you know me, you know I have a deep love for lists. There will be many a list here.)
  4. Journaling: For as long as I can remember I have kept a journal. Then I found out there is a whole journaling community! Whaaatt?!?!?! I have totally changed how I journal, and I’ve always been secretive about it. But I want to start sharing some of what I love to do, and hopefully inspire others to try it, because of all the benefits I’ve found in my paper pages.
  5. Faith: I can’t do anything without my savior, not even a blog. You’ll see little traces of Jesus throughout my blog, but this spot is reserved specifically for Him.

Maybe this is going to be a total flop. Maybe I’ll post once a month and then be done. Maybe nobody will come visit and I’ll just be here posting and only my mom and sister reads it. But why not try?



4 thoughts on “Guess what crazy thing I did?!

  1. HI Lucie! Just so you know I am so happy that you have officially started a blog! I promise to be your #1 supporter throughout this experience with you. Just some advice for you (i’ll put it in a list because you like them 😉 )
    1. Have fun!
    2. Don’t be stupid and post something that you will regret later on.
    3. Don’t let weird people follow you, there are some creepy people out there.
    I love you so much sister! I hope you inspire others like how you inspire me! 😀
    -Love, your favorite little sister, Cheese


  2. What a very cool thing! Here’s a crazy thing I did today…35 feet off the ground…OSU high rope challenge course! I was mildly terrified but I did it! 😁


  3. Lucy, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching your parents as a young married couple, grow. I can remember when I noticed you growing under your mom’s heart (and in it!). This includes your dad too! The love and excitement of the church family with the expectation of your arrival. (We were very fortunate to watch again when Mia joined “the family” under and in your mom and dad’s hearts also.)
    You’ve grown to be such a beautiful powerful young woman. Your love of God shines through you. The sincere love and joy of your family is evident. I see it in your eyes when you’re helping your Grandma Donna.
    Thank you when you share of yourself at church. Good luck with your amazing talent as a swimmer. I know you’ll go far


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